The Emerging Writers’ Festival work, learn and play largely on the land of the Kulin nation, and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

EWF celebrates the history and creativity of the world’s oldest living culture.

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Yumna Kassab: The Physical Act of Writing

It is often repeated that a writer requires a room of one’s own, but what are the broader factors and conditions that help a person to write both regularly and happily? In this Keynote, Yumna Kassab will explore the rituals, tools, routines and environmental conditions that assist in a sustainable creative practice. It will touch on the various factors Yumna has experimented with and adjusted in order to write in a regular way.


Yumna Kassab

Yumna Kassab is a writer from Sydney. She is the author of The House of Youssef, Australiana and The Lovers.