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For 18 years, the Emerging Writers’ Festival has been committed to supporting emerging writers, celebrating creativity and innovation, nurturing new talent and representing diverse voices from across Australia. And we need your help to continue doing this.

Become an EWF PenPal by chipping in $20, $50, $100, $800, the deed to a property with a spacious backyard where we can host poetry readings; whatever’s in your budget to spare so we can keep doing our thing.

Whether you’re an emerging creative who wants to see EWF thrive, or an EWF alum who has seen the value of the fest since your early days, now is your chance to support the next generation of emerging storytellers.

Ready to donate?

Here are some of the ways your donation helps us create the annual festival:

  • $50 helps us transcribe 1 episode of the EWF Vignettes Podcast
  • $100 covers one emerging creative artist involvement, either at a performance or on a panel
  • $150 pays for one brilliant host at one of our world-famous performance events or critically rigorous panel sessions
  • $350 pays for three artists to speak on a panel session like our free Lunchtime Literature events
  • $500 contributes to the creation of a session at the National Writers’ Conference
  • $650 funds one of our EWF X events, where we collaborate with innovative and exciting artist collectives from around the continent
  • $1000+ supports the programming and delivery of signature performance events such as the iconic Amazing Babes

 Let’s show everyone that art is valuable, and supporting emerging voices is crucial. =

For just $20, you’ll officially be an EWF Pen Pal. You’ll get a heartfelt thank you on our website, plus the ability to boast about how you’ve supported a vibrant community-driven festival, and helped an emerging writer take the first step in their career.

EWF is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status – all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

If you would like more information on how you can support the Emerging Writers’ Festival, please contact Alice Muhling here.

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Thank you to all our generous 2021 supporters.

Literary Extraordinaire: $1,000+
McLeod Family Foundation

Protagonist: $300+
Jason Craig
Michael Livingston

Witty Sidekick: $100+
Brooke Dunnell
Amelia Mellor
Judith Roga
Georgia Symons

Supporting Character: $50+
Fran Berry
Jackie Large
Seri Renkin
Maeve Scannell
Fiona Skepper
Loupe Studio
Louise Surette

Pen Pal: $20+
Anna Bratchford
Ronnie Coffey
Emily Davison
Matthew Galic
El Gibbs
Colleen Goth
Sarah Hollingsworth
Sophie Kahl
Michele Lee
Sam McKenna
Jane Messer
Suzanne Mikkelsen
Liz Murray
Lisa Oldham
Rosie Pham
Billie Radomiljac
Naomi Riddle
MaryJane Slavin
Katherine Smyrk