The Emerging Writers’ Festival work, learn and play largely on the land of the Kulin nation, and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

EWF celebrates the history and creativity of the world’s oldest living culture.

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EWF X Dinner Party Press: From Page to Stage

Transform your intimate erotic prose into a spoken declaration of desire with Dinner Party Press and Emerging Writers’ Festival, hosted by Emily Westmoreland.

Writing is a solitary practice, prose is scribbled away in silence, at desks, in cafes, as internal monologues. Reading your work is the inverse, turning yourself inside out to connect with your readers in a public place. How do you prepare for this shift? In this workshop, learn how to ‘kiss’ a microphone, how to hold a room, and ways to build tension and release beyond the plot points.

Bring along your pre-prepared erotica prose (250-500 words) or poetry (20 lines) to share with the group. It can be fiction or memoir, but we ask that it expands beyond the cis-het-male idea of pleasure.

Workshop participants will be invited to read at Dinner Party Press’s ‘Short Smut Salon’ on Friday 23 June as part of EWF!


Wheelchair, available parking bay around the area.

Monday 19 June, 2pm

Willows and Wine
315 Victoria St, West Melbourne VIC 3003


Caitlin Lawless

Caitie Lawless is a writer, editor and publicist living in Sydney.

Emily Westmoreland

Emily Westmoreland is the Program Director of Willy Lit Fest and runs Dinner Party Press.