We are pleased to continue our Volunteer Development Program in 2023, in partnership with RMIT.

This year, we are taking on 19 volunteers across our 20th anniversary festival, providing RMIT students will tangible experience in the behind-the-scenes of arts events. This program has grown again since last year, as we have been able to provide previous, returning RMIT volunteers with paid experience as Front of House staff.

Meet our RMIT Vollies for 2023

James Martin, Juliana Rajkowski, Farida Shams, Ben Bonney, James Lawrence, Kirtana Bharathi, Andre Bartolo, Patricia Sims, Rebecca Kelly, Clarisse Stevens, Michelle Ferguson, Sarah Winkler, Bianca Khim, Milica Milinkovic, Neve Grant, Emily Wrench, Vivian Liu, Katya Dugec, and Hunter Webster.

As mentioned, we are also proud to be able to pay four Front of House staff as part of our Volunteer Development Program; some of whom have previously been a part of our development program through RMIT; Cai Bardsley, Eric Butler, Megan Payne, and Andrew Le.

Say hi to our RMIT Vollies and Front of House staff at this year’s festival!

This program is an extension of EWF’s commitment to providing developmental opportunities in all aspects of our festival. We are excited to see how program participants will continue to grow from here.