EWF is thrilled to announce our Spring podcast for 2023.

Crossings is a series of in-conversations between local writers & artists.  Each episode pairs two artists whose practices exist at the threshold of one another. These free-flowing, intimate conversations are coloured by curiosity, attentiveness and enquiry. Hear novelists, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, publishers, musicians, architects and photographers proffer questions and perspectives about the minutia of their creative and professional practices, and how they relate to the industry and engage in collaboration. 

Our inaugural episode drops in one week’s time — Thursday November 2. New episodes will be out every Thursday of November.

Crossings features the voices and thoughts of:
Genevieve Callaghan, Kurt Eckardt, Peggy Frew, Felix Garner-Davis, Mark Hewitt, Rebecca Kelly,  Vivian Nguyen, Jamie Tram, daniel ward, and Misbah Wolf.

Introducing… Crossings

Coming soon to Spotify & Soundcloud

Special thanks to…

  • Producer: Jess Zanoni
  • Co-Producer & Audio Engineer: Sam Pannifex
  • Music: Georgia Farry
  • Artwork: Tinieka Page
  • Queen Victoria Women’s Centre and Creative Australia for financial support.