We are thrilled to share this final conversation of Crossings, between daniel ward and Kurt Eckardt. 

daniel and Kurt came together in October in Coburg North. They spoke about DIY culture, the local music & poetry scene, live performance & running their own label & publishing house. daniel & Kurt’s thoughtfulness & enthusiasm towards the local arts scene garnered a perfect conversation to bring this season of Crossings to a close.

daniel ward is a poet and musician. they are the editor and founder of ‘no more poetry’, an independent publisher of poetry books and art magazines. their second and most recent collection is titled ‘eternal delight paralysis’. daniel is currently writing their third book titled ‘lavender poems’, a series of poems generated through automatic writing techniques guided by sensory explorations, meditation and mantra. their work often explores relationships between transgenderism and pantheism and is interested in the poem as both a problem and a prayer. they are a member of experimental sound collective ‘bodies of divine infinite and eternal spirit’ and are the drummer and sometimes guitarist for Wet Kiss. 

Kurt Eckardt works as Marketing and Events Manager at PBS in Naarm, and has recently worked in freelance music publicity, social media management and strategy, event booking and production, and as host of local music radio show Homebrew. Kurt also manages and performs in bands Hearts and Rockets and Astral Skulls, and runs DIY music and zine label and event collective, Psychic Hysteria.

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