Love your Bookshop Day is this Saturday, 9 October! We, of course, adore our bookshops here at EWF, and today the team is sharing our favourites in Naarm!

Ruby: The Sun Bookshop

I have so many fond memories of The Sun Bookshop… from going with my parents on a sleepy weekend morning to popping in with friends before whatever movie we were seeing started. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and excited about books. Life-long family friends have gone on to work there, which adds to the warm feelings I have about the shop. I find big, bustling bookstores overwhelming (I used to work in one, which surely didn’t help that!), this is the opposite and just a really lovely and unintimidating atmosphere with so many great titles and a wonderful connection to the community. 

A notable mention goes to The Chestnut Tree Bookshop, which I have yet to have the chance to check out, but am excited by. 

Of course, both these bookstores have online shops, for your digital browsing and purchasing needs!

Alice: Avenue Bookstore & Amplify

Avenue Bookstore is great and has been extra great in lockdown. When you place an order, you can count on getting personalised email updates from staff on the progress of your book/s and when you can expect them to hit your mailbox. My orders always arrive promptly and lovingly packaged, ensuring that I get to enjoy the bliss of opening a pristine new book. Isn’t that just everything you want from an online book order? They also stock a fantastic range of independent and commercial publications, which means they often have that hard-to-find indie publication that I’m searching for. 

A special mention goes out to Amplify Bookstore, an online indie bookshop specialising in stocking and recommending writers of colour. They always have a phenomenal selection of books on offer and I especially love their curated boxes, which offer a hand-picked selection of books from BIPOC authors around the world. They can also curate a personalised ‘supercut’ box for you, based on your preferences. SO COOL. Amplify have also just started a pre-loved section, which features special secondhand finds, sourced by the two founders. 

Millie: Paperback Bookshop & Hill of Content 

Since I’ve moved close to the city, I love Paperback Bookshop and Hill of Content – the two special indie bookstores at the top of Bourke St.

During this lockdown, I ordered a stack of books from Paperback and they arrived the very next day with a sweet card. I can’t wait to get back inside their small, cosy store overflowing with perfectly chosen books. I appreciate their particular focus on local authors and really good writing over commercial bestsellers (though I’m sure they stock those too.) Similarly, shoutout to Hill of Content for recently recommending me the exact cookbook I was searching for and for always having the most beautiful table displays. 

If you’re missing the personal guidance and expertise of our beloved booksellers, both of these stores offer personal book recommendations on their websites – you can answer a few questions and they’ll tell you the perfect book for yourself or a friend! 

Cat: Brunswick Bound

It is a commonly known fact amongst my friends that I hate Brunswick with a passion. There’s plenty of reasons as to why, none of which are particularly rational, but I will fight anyone that tries to convince me that Brunswick is a “great” suburb. You’re wrong.

Unfortunately I also live in Brunswick. It’s not ideal. But, it does place me one short stroll away from Brunswick Bound, my local (and favourite) bookshop! It’s the best place to hide on Sydney Road if you think you might run into a dreaded ex. I won’t confirm or deny if this is off the back of a true event.

The staff at Brunswick Bound are always so generous and patient, I love their recommendations, and I hope that one day soon I’ll be able to attend an event in their space upstairs. They’ve also been doing free local delivery throughout lockdown and nothing cheers me up more than finding one of their paper bags with the Brunswick Bound angel stamped on the front on my porch.

Anyway, I love Brunswick Bound. Show them some love.

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