Being a writer doesn’t mean you’re just one thing. Michelle is an ambassador for EWF 2017 and a master of many talents. She gives us a glimpse into what she’ll share at the National Writers’ Conference (June 17-18).

Hello! I’m a freelance writer who does a bit of everything – fiction, non-fiction, film and TV, theatre – whatever will have me, really. I never planned on having this kind of career as a writer; I think it just happened as a result of loving lots of different things and being unable to choose. The most recent project I’ve wrapped up is my play Single Asian Female, which was staged at La Boite Theatre in Brisbane.

Being an ambassador
I’ve been attending the EWF for many years now, as both an attendee and a participant, and I’ve loved the opportunity to hear from ambassadors and to speak to them about their personal experiences of being a writer in a frank and intimate environment. So I thought the opportunity to be an ambassador was a great way to pay it forward.

Writing is hard work but you also need to find a balance between the hard work and taking care of yourself. To be in a position where you can write is a privilege. And (don’t) discount yourself and your work; writing might be your passion, but if you’re doing it professionally it’s also your job, and as a worker you deserve the same rights to proper pay and proper holidays.

Writing with humour
Humour is central to who I am and how I frame others and the world. It makes everything whole and heartbreaking and joyful. So having humour in my writing, especially when I’m writing about themes that are important to me, is crucial because without it I would be doing the stories a disservice.

I’m working on a 7-part webseries with co-creator and co-writer Chloë Reeson called Homecoming Queens. It’s semi autobiographical and about what it’s like navigating being young when you’ve got a chronic illness. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

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